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Help! HUGE spit-ups/Green poop

I'm trying not to be panicky. My baby boy has been spitting up so badly.. it's closer to throwing up. For the past few days, usually right after a feeding he spews milk.. to the point where I believe it's all he just ate. The fussiness has grown with it too.

On top of that his poop has turned green.. I've heard this could either be a milk allergy or a fore/hind milk imbalance.

I'm wondering if I need to take him to the ER? I can't get ahold of his Pedi for anything. Looks like it's time for a new Pedi!

ANY help or advice I'd so appreciate it!

- one nervous mommy

Re: Help! HUGE spit-ups/Green poop

  • Do you have any issues with oversupply? I went through the frothy green poop thing early on too. Are you having any issues with BF at all? My LO wasnt latching correctly her first couple weeks and it caused a multitude of headaches and many worrisome nights for mom. As for the spit up, that could also be linked with oversupply as well. Does baby Click or pull off during the feeding?
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  • It sounds like you have an oversupply.

    BF babies can't overeat, so they spit up any extra. Is he fussy at the same time every day or all day every day? Is he able to be consoled at all?

    Green poop is prob a foremilk/hindmilk issue, like you thought.

    Have you taken his temperature? If he has a fever, That's the only reason I personally would consider a trip to the ER.

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    Unless he has a fever, taking him to the er won't solve anything.

    How much is he spitting up? I know it can seem like a lot, but it also has saliva in it. If he is vomiting, it will smell like vomit and will typically be a LOT. Like, if you have 12"x12" kitchen tiles it would cover four of them.

    Green poop isn't necessarily worrisome. It usually means baby has a formilk/hindmilk imbalance. He is only a few days old, so it should correct itself soon. Try to not switch sides until he has completely drained one side and burped.

    Try not to worry yet! He is young. In the last few days he was born, had to.learn how to eat, sleep, and poop. You are just getting past the nasty newborn poop and are starting to switch to BM poop, which is icky yellow. The meconium might not be completely out of his system, making his poop look green.

    Good resource

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  • Thank you sooo much ladies! I think I do have an issue with over supply.. Especially when he starts sleeping longer through the night..

    I think that's the problem with the green poopies too.. Bc all he was getting was foremilk since I had so much milk.

    I tried expressing milk to get to the hind milk more quickly and that seems to be working. I was reading too about keeping him upright for about 10-15 min after feedings, and so far the spit ups are ALOT less.

    Is there another way to deal with over supply? Other than this BF has been a breeze!

  • Don't panic. 
    DD had the lime green poop also and it was due to foremilk imbalance and oversupply. Do research on kellymom. Its a great resource. My LC assured me that the occasional green stool is nothing to worry about.
  • Is the poop seedy? If it's seed still then your LO is getting the proper fore and hind milk ratio. If not, feed on one breast until completely finished or you can try to pump a bit of the fore milk before feeding. Then make sure he doesn't lay down until atleast 20mins after eating. Things should work themselves out don't worry.
    I just did a bunch of research on the imbalance because my LO has greenish poop. 
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  • I had oversupply issues for 10 weeks, and my little girl had the same issues as your little one.  I would only feed on one side, but that still didn't fix the problem.  I ended up having to go to 2-3 hour block feedings and sometimes 5 hour block feedings.  I could tell my oversupply really bothered her not just with the imbalance but also caused a forceful let down.  She was also diagnosed with reflux because she was arching her back and fussing in pain at every feeding.  We finally got things figured out and our feedings went from 45 minutes to 10-15 minutes, which was an added bonus.  If you are expressing milk by hand or by pump, only express for 30 seconds at most.  Any more expression will only make the problem worse.  Hang in there.  This could remedy itself quickly or take weeks like mine did.  Either way, as long as your little one is gaining weight, is sleeping well, and is generally healthy I wouldn't worry.  Your body will adapt to what your little one needs if you let it.  Good luck!
  • DS was the same way, he would spit up a ton and DH noticed that it was more when he ate on my right breast. I was talking to my aunt about it who was an L&D & NICU nurse for years. She mentioned that they used to lay babies on their right sides when they had tummy issues because of the way the stomach fills & drains. When he was eating on my right breast he was laying on his left. I started feeding him in the football hold when he ate on the right and stayed w/ the cradle hold on the left breast so he was always laying on his right side when he eats and it made a world of difference. He still spits up sometimes, but nothing like he used to and the volume is much less. I never would have thought to do that if I hadn't talked to my aunt so now I pass it along to everyone b/c who knows who might benefit from it. Good luck!

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