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Thoughts on Cedric? We have had the hardest time with boy names, and it's pretty uncommon, which we like.
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Re: Cedric

  • I also LOVE it.
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  • mh89mh89
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    Adore, love, obsessed with. Amazing boys name. Top 3 for me as well.
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  • Blech! No offense, I am clearly in the minority, but I really don't care for it. All I think of is somebody's great uncle or Cedric the Entertainer.
  • While I'm usually a fan of the Britishy type names (Percival, Dashial, etc..) I just don't care for Cedric. 
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  • I don't love it, but I like it. And I think I would say to myself "hmmm... you don't hear that everyday... Refreshing... I think I like it..." if I came across a little boy or kid or teen with the name.
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  • I think of Cedric Diggory from HP or Cedric from Ivanhoe. 
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  • I LOVE Cedric!!!! Such a great name! Though, since I'm a huuuuge HP nerd, I think of Cedric Diggory: image

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  • Love it.
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  • Nice name. There might be some pronunciation issues since there are two legit options, but that wouldn't sway me.
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  • I like it a lot.
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  • I don't care for it. I immediately thought of Cedric the Entertainer. 

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  • I might like it on someone elses kid, just not mine.

  • Not a fan. I don't hate it, though. Interesting!
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  • I love it!
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  • I apparently watch the princess movie Sofia with my daughter too much. In the movie she mispronounces this name the whole time and calls him see-drick instead of Sed-rick. I know have to focus on saying the name correctly so now it bothers me.
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  • Not my style, but it's a respectable name. I wouldn't name my kid this name, but I would not judge someone who did.
  • I like it! My 17 yo nephew and his Dad are named Cedric with a MN James. My nephew was called CJ for years, but since about 16, he prefers to be called Cedric. Apparently some teenage girl told him that his name was "sophisticated" so he loves it now! Lol.

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