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Etiquette question

I'm going to my BFFs house for dinner. She invited a few couples over. She said she doesn't need me to bring anything.

Would you bring something anyway? What would you bring? I'm thinking wine. Wine is never a bad thing.



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Re: Etiquette question

  • wine or a little something for dessert
  • red velvet cheesecake

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  • Always bring wine. Always bring something even if they don't ask you to whether its wine, food, or even a nice scented candle or something if the like.
  • Bring something. Alcohol.
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  • Wine. Its like a fail safe. Always.
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  • Chocolates?




  • Wine or chocolate. Or beer/scotch whatever the drink of choice is. I usually do wine though.

    Can't ever go wrong with wine. Ever. :)
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