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IUD...which one?

Mirena vs paragard??
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Re: IUD...which one?

  • Depends on whether you want any hormonal support or not. Paragard is hormone free and good for 10 years. Mirena has hormones, lasts for 5 years and also helps with heavy bleeding. Both are equally effective. I personally have never used either but I work in women's health so I have to know about BC for my job.
  • I had mirena between my pregnancies. I liked it well enough and am getting it again.

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  • I just got Skyla.  It's like Mirena but only lasts 3 years.
  • I'm going with mirena. I've never had an IUD before. I was on BC for 10 years prior to getting PG with DD.
  • I had Mirena after DD. worked well, no issues. Conceived shortly after having it remove (like a couple months). Would do it again but plan is done now will deal with it otherwise.
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  • I just had mirena placed on Friday so I don't know how I'm going to like it yet. So far so good LOL I wanted the extra hormonal support b/c I'm terrified of an accidental pregnancy :)

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  • I used Paraguard before my pregnancy and just got another implanted a month ago. I chose it because I didn't want the hormones.
  • I have had both. First time I had Mirena I had no problems, loved it because I had no periods. 2nd time I got it which was after I gave birth I completely lost my sex drive about a month later. It was pretty bad for a year when I finally decided to switch to Paraguard because it had no hormones. A couple weeks later I was back to my old self and hubby and I were much happier. The only bad thing was my periods were a little heavier, but I will gladly take 6 days of that over not wanting to have sex with my husband. I got Paraguard out last month to TTC and found out 2 weeks ago we are expecting baby #2. I will definitely be getting Paraguard again when this baby is born.
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  • Awesome thread!! I am thinking of getting an IUD at my 6 weeks pp appt and I didn't even know Mirena was hormonal. Definitely something to think about

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