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Insulin GD

Anyone else on insulin? I am on insulin at bed time for fasting numbers. Started on a low dose and increasing each day by 2 units that I not under 90. Insulin scared me at first but now ok with it as it doesn't cross the placenta and is much more natural than oral drugs. My doctor did not even mention oral drugs.

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  • My doctor is the same way. I asked about pills and he said no because insulin is the safest. I'm not on it before bed yet, but I take 2 units before each meal. It was tough for me for the first day, but now I think it's easier than the blood sugar test. I really don't mind it at all.
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  • I take insulin 4 times a day...and I don't mind it, but also hate the fact I have to check my sugars all day long. :( it has totally changed my life for the good though. I have not gained any weight during this pregnancy, but have lost weigh which is good because I am overweight. So even though I hate having to stick myself the baby has totally changed my life and my SO life and we are eating healthier and losing weight together all because of our baby. She truly is a blessing. I am praying though after the pregnancy I don't have to continue on shots.
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  • I was on insulin in both of my pregnancies, and expect I'll end up on it again with this one. Once you get the hang of it it's really not so bad. I did not remain on insulin after delivery, all of my PP glucose tests have come back normal.
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