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Hi ladies!!

I'm new to the bump and haven't really found a board where I fit. Lol! I'm in Indy and due May 7, 2014. Really excited.

Re: Hi ladies!!

  • Congratulations! I'm due October 15th.
  • Congratulations and welcome! I'm in Indy too - we just had our first in July. Hope things go well for you!
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  • Congrats and welcome!  I hope you find your Bump niche soon.  I'm just outside of Indy in the western 'burbs.
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  • Hi and welcome! I'm in Indy also and my DD turns 1 tomorrow!

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  • I'm in Indy too. Due April 9, 2014 with our first.
  • I'm in Indy just had my first in July... Been looking for other moms to possibly start running with to start to lose the baby bump n just stay active but its hard by myself if anyone is interested should i start a forum for this?
  • Hi I'm Jessica not from Indy from tx I was born in Indy just looking to meet moms like me
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