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Pregnant after 35

Cautious Introduction

Hi ladies,

By some miracle DH and I are back here again after suffering two recent losses.  I never imagined that we would have conceived naturally, but we did, and so far the pregnancy is progressing normally.  I had three beta draws this week and thankfully each beta doubled nicely.   Given our history of two repeat miscarriages I am absolutely terrified of another loss, but am trying my absolute hardest to remain positive, optimistic, and hopeful.  Our first u/s is 9/14 and am praying that this will be our take home baby.   Wishing for the next two weeks to fly by so we can hopefully see our little bean flickering away.
Me, 41; DH 38; TTC since July 2012, 1st round of Clomid, BFP on 10/19, what an incredible blessing!  M/c on 7w3d; D&C on 11/30; 4th round of Clomid 100mg = BFP on 04/19!!! M/c #2 at 7w; D&C on 5/30, then repeat D&C on 7/1.  Saline u/s on 8/2, uterus looks great!  Will start TTC in 09/13 w/ Clomid 100mg. Surprise natural BFP on 8/25!!! Beta #1=95, #2=182, #3=404!  EDD 5/4/13...Grow baby grow!

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  • Hugs!!! So happy for you and hoping this will be your sticky sticky bean!! I'm very sorry for your previous losses, I know it's hard to let yourself believe everything will be ok, so glad you are staying positive! Keep the faith, I'm rooting for you!
    Me:41, DH:41 Positive for MTHFR mutations- one copy C677T, one copy A1298C. One daughter born on Thanksgiving in 2013. Six losses.
  • Welcome back!!  Hope that this is your sticky take home baby, and that on 9/14 you will get to see your flickering HB.  Sorry that you've been through so many losses, TTC sure is no picnic for many ladies after 40. 
    TTC since 10/09 Me-43 DH-44 RE and testing 10/10-11/10, Recommending IVF 1/11 New RE AMA and DOR-DH low motility IVF #1.1 cancelled 3/11 due to poor response IVF #1.2 May 2011, one perfect 8-cell embryo, 3dt-BFN, IVF #2.1 Converted to IUI d/t poor response. New RE 9/2011. IVF 2.2 completed using HGH,EPP,DHEA, Q-10 and accupuncture. Transferred one 8-cell, grade one embryo on 10/19. BFP 10/31/11 Chemical pregancy on 11/2/11. Started stims for IVF #3, our final try, on 12-2-11. ET on 12/18. Transferred 3 Grade A embryos-BFFN Planning DE IVF, late March/early April- Donors ER expected to be 4/2-4/4. PAIF/SAIF welcome
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  • Congrats!! So happy for you!!!

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  • What a pleasure to see you back over here! Hoping with all my heart that this will be your take-home baby. Congrats!!
    Over-40 parents...what we lack in vigor, we make up for with cunning.
  • You will be fine Girlie... we are all routing for you back home.. :)

    Me:38 DH:40 TTC for over 3 yrs~
    Every test known to man- comes out that we are both perfectly capable of conceiving- 

    Officially diagnosed with "unexplained infertility"

    7/17/13-1st try with 100mg Clomid+Novarel+Prog.
    7/25/13 Mid-cycle U/S- 4 Follicles! 17, 16,L 16,15 R
    7/25/13 Trigger shot
    8/6/13 Beta Blood Drawn... Big fat Neg. 
    New RE:- 101 tests done during break cycle.. All look great! green light to hit the deck running!
    9/18/13- Cd 1- FINALLY! 100 mg clomid CD3-7- 75iu Bravelle 7-10   
    9/30/13 Follie count.. 3 on right. 2 on left-- trigger today
    10/2/13- IUI #1
    10/15/13 Beta #1- BFN.. :(


  • Keeping your thoughts and energy positive really is challenging, isn't it? I'm in a similar situation (newly pregnant after one loss), and I find my mind drifting to the "what ifs" way too often. And I, too, am hoping for the next 2 weeks to zip past and to get good news at the end of them. Best of luck to you!
  • Congratulations! FX for you.

    AMA & SAIF. TTC #1 since Oct. 2010. DX: Unexplained. BFP on break after 32 months trying and 2 med cycles. Baby girl born at 40w0d!

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  • So nice to see you back here! Congratulations!
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