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Not exactly an international Bumpie, but...

But saying hi anyway! Any other ex-pats from Canada to the US here? I'm a Saskatchewan gal living in New England and thinking that some of the chat here might be helpful as we struggle to meaningfully include far-flung family, teach our kids about their home culture and mitigate some of the general weirdness of living away from our comfort zone. Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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Re: Not exactly an international Bumpie, but...

  • My husband and I are Americans living in the UK, and we've struggled with how to "include" family in our lives.   Visits are tough because they are time consuming and expensive, but we usually figure out something (either using frequent flyer miles or just by saving up as much as we can).  Fortunately our families are pretty tech-savvy, so we do lots of email and facebook during the week, and talk on the phone (we have a great international phone plan) and Skype/FaceTime on weekends.   It helps a lot :-)
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  • Opposite here...American from New England living in Canada :)
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