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weaning paci on 2 year old

My 2 year old daughter has only been using her paci at nap/night time for the past 6 months or so. We decided it was probably time to wean her from that before our new baby comes in 2 months and because we don't really want her reliant on it much more.

We took it away completely a week ago. She does fabulous at night, not crying when we put her down anymore but waking up a little bit earlier than normal. But nap times are hard. When we start reading books right before I put her down she screams and stands by the gate to the stairs. She won't calm down. When I put her in the crib she cries on and off for maybe 5 minutes then sleeps. She used to sleep for 3 hours and now only sleeps for an hour and wakes up screaming bloody murder. I try going in there to soothe her every 5 or so minutes but she does not calm down.

Anyone have any advice? We are planning on just waiting it out but I wasn't sure if anyone had something similar happen.

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Re: weaning paci on 2 year old

  • She used to sleep 3 hours when you laid her down at night or for nap?

    I would just go cold turkey and not look back.  My oldest was our only who used a paci and I went cold turkey the day we got back from a trip.  She adjusted quickly.
  • She would sleep three hours for her nap.

    Of course, now that I write this post she is napping for 2 hours+. It has been a week and it seemed she was regressing a bit (getting worse with her nap every day) but now maybe things are turning up?

    We'll just ride it out I guess!!
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  • Is this a battle you want to fight with the new baby coming? If the new baby is getting a paci it might make things harder of your DD. If you are set on this just keep course and hang in there. She will eventually adjust. It took my DD about two days to get over it. There were tons of tears for those two days.

    this. I tried taking dd1's paci away around the time dd2 came along, and it just made dd1 even more jealous (especially if new lo will get a paci). I would probably let her adjust and then take it away cold turkey.
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