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I am a 32 y/o husband and my wife and i are trying to have our first child. She is on her first round of Letrozole IUI and she has become very moody and not her self at all. She has been on Clomid before and she was the same way. I am not really sure how to handle her mood swings and outbusrts. Any advice from a womans ponit of view?? How has your husband handled this? Thanks!

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  • Oh dear. First of all, what a wonderful husband you are for taking the time to seek help and insight for your wife!

    I have no expirences with Letrozole?? But I have been on clomid for 5 cycles and it made me CRAZY. Like PMS on steroids.

    Is she irritable or weepy? Or both? I think you're just going to have to do whatever you can to keep her comfortable.

    Let her sit back and relax, clean the house for her, let her go get a pedicure...does she like to read? Let her browse the bookstore for hours or let her download books to her e-reader...

    Snuggle up and watch comedies ( or her favorite chick flick) even if its pride and prejudice and you hate it :)

    IF she's in the mood (doesn't feel bloated miserable and having a bad hair day) take her out to a nice dinner or cook one for her.

    Buy her some fresh flowers :)

    Give her a massage.

    Just let the mood swings roll of your back. My husband would just let me have my crazy Linda-Blair exorcist moment and not argue with me. Let her be right! Even if you disagree - if she's moody- today is not the day to argue about it...

    I think just spoil her as much as possible. Infertility treatments put women through the ringer because we are the ones who get poked, prodded, and drugged (most of the time) so it can (in my opinion) weigh on us more than the husband.

    I hope this helps. Kudos to you for being so nice!

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  • Agreed! Good for you to take the time to help and understand. I agree with the above and wanted to add (because this is how I am) if she says she wants to be left alone. Leave her alone! Check on her every hour and a half or so. But don't pester.


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  • KC has some great advice. I hope it gets better for her and you! Good luck!

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  • I'm sorry- I don't have much advice. I just wanted to say good luck.

    I don't have any experience with fertility drugs, but I can tell you that mood swings are awful because I don't even know how I want DH to react to my craziness. Sometimes a good hug and snuggle is good, sometimes
    I think I want him to fight back, sometimes I want to be right. I can't imagine how it must feel to be on the receiving end of a mood swing, so on behalf of your wife, I'm sorry!!

    Good luck, and hopefully this is the last cycle you two have to deal with all of this!
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