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I think I'm ready to start dealing with this

last week I was expecting a baby, even saw the heartbeat, thoughthe baby measured a week behind with a slowish heart beat. Sunday, I passed a clot and had intense cramps. Monday I naturally miscarried.Though it wasn't a total surprise as I was spotting and cramping for the full 8 weeks.

I haven't slept more than an few hours since Sunday, and I've been in this bizarre mode of not even wanting to acknowledge it or deal. until now, I haven't cried since Tuesday. I'm supposed to call the Dr to follow up on my hcg levels and just don't care to...I will tomorrow. Im just ready for this to be over. I'm still having period like bleeding and light cramping and literally feel empty. I do have a the most wonderful and supportive husband and amazing 2 year old son. I'm very grateful for that.

I wish I could say I am happy to be here, but I do look forward to getting to know you all and getting stronger everyday.
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Re: I think I'm ready to start dealing with this

  • I'm really sorry for your loss :(

    I'm feeling similar, like I'm just not dealing with this right now. The only time I've cried was when the nurse on the phone was awful to me. I kind of beat myself up a little bit - why am I not a hysterical mess? For me, I think, it was because I expected it. I saw it coming. Maybe something about that makes it a little easier to compartmentalize.


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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. I have felt some of that today- like guilty if I didn't feel absolutely upset even for a second. So far just trying to take it moment by moment, day by day. Thinking of you and wishing you well.
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