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1 Week Old No Bowel 4 Days

LO who is 1 week old has not gone to the bathroom in about 4 days. Pedi office has us going back tomorrow if he doesn't go within the next 24 hours and they recommended that we may have to do an x-ray. I really dont' want to expose him to radiation at one week old. Especially since he has no symptoms of a blockage (no hard stomach, vomiting etc...)

I've tried water between feedings, rectum thermometer, bicycle leg movements, warm belly compresses, & soaking bum in warm water. He is currently on a breast milk/formula combo because my milk supply has been low.

Anyone have a similar experience with their LO? Any advice? I am freaking out.

Re: 1 Week Old No Bowel 4 Days

  • My lo went 2 wks without bowel movement and pedi was fine with it as long as she was peeing.. Now she is pooping every other day ( also a tip hegave us was put a glop of Vaseline on thermometer and insert tip in rectum .. This helps speed up the bowel movement )
  • Thanks all for the support. He ended up having a bowel movement finally after 5 days. (Thank god). I was very skeptical about an x-ray this early in his life.

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