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Bedtime Routine

When did you start a routine and when did it become effective?  I can't remember when we did one with DD but now with 2 LO's we are finding that our alone/adult time is almost nonexistent!  We need a bit of non-kid time in the evening, stat!

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  • We do a bottle around 630, then a bath around 715, pajamas and cuddle time ,then another bottle a little while after the bath. She's normally down for the night by 830 and sleeping most of the night

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    We did a routine from when DS was only a few weeks old. Nursing skin to skin on one side, calming lotion (which we later had to stop using when DS got a rash), pj's, nurse in the other side, in the crib with white noise.when he waS really young he went to bed late, but his bedtime has slowly continued to move up and now he is in bed around 7.


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  • 9 days old and the little man is giving me fits with cluster feeding. He's already grown out of the onesie he wore his second day of life and we had to feed him a bottle of formula to get him down last night, he was so frantic (I'm breast feeding). 

    Our schedule is generally last feeding at 9 p.m., another feeding at midnight, and another at 3:30/4 a.m. when my husband gets up for work. We feed again around 6 or so, nap for a while, usually til 8 a.m., then head downstairs for the day and from then it's breast feeding every hour or so until 11 a.m. when he goes down for a while.

    We're not quite on a schedule yet, but one is slowly forming. We're toughing it out!
  • Our LO is 5 weeks old and we have noticed a better schedule with her. She is up for a lot of the day. What we actually had to do recently was after 5:30, try to keep her awake. If she falls asleep after a feeding, we only let her doze for about an hour then wake her up. When get her ready for bed (swaddled up) around 9:30, settle down for the last nursing session, then she is usually down for 10:30ish. Unfortunately, that only gives us about a half hour of adult time bc I make sure I'm in bed for 11 since I am still the only one doing the night shifts. Since he drives far distances for his job, I prefer he gets his good nights sleep at least until I go back to work. Then we will start sharing in the fun! But with this routine, she typically sleeps until about 5:30, feeds, then goes back to sleep and will sleep until about 8:30 when we get up for the day and she is wide awake.
  • I waited until LO was sleeping longer stretches before starting a real routine. Before that it was just Jammie's at 8ish every night, more to start the habit for dh and I than anything else. Now, after his last heavy feed, usually somewhere between 7 and 8, we will do a bath every other day, then Jammie's, turn in the white noise, rock and snuggle til he's drowsy, then bed. After a few days of this, he goes down great, falls asleep on his own, and is asleep by 9. I was actually surprised by how easy it was and how quickly he started responding to those bedtime cues. Good luck!
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