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PP wardrobe building

I am three months PP. Right after baby, I went out and bought the yoga pants and t shirts, which is pretty much what I've been wearing for three months. But I'm ready to get back into real clothes, but much of my old stuff doesn't fit. In fact, I'm pretty sure my hips will never fits into my size 8's again, even though about 2/3 of my baby weight is gone. So my question is, how long did you wait to get new clothes? Until all the weight is gone? Right away? Just wondering how everyone else handled it.

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  • I bought clothes in my new size at a month pp. They didn't fit for too long, but it was a major boost for my self esteem.

    Even though I lost all the baby weight fairly quickly, I never fit into my pre preg pants again. The shape was wrong for my hips, and they weren't flattering at all. My shirts didn't fit right until I was done BF.

    I would start hunting for a few pieces and see how it goes. If you loose more weight and need a smaller size, great! Save these clothes for after you have your next baby. Or sell them at a consignment shop.

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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one whose hips changed a bunch! I'm curious about this as well, thank you for asking. Right now I'm still wearing my maternity clothes for the most past, they fit better than anything else, even some things I could wear early in the pregnancy.
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  • My hips and butt are totally different! I'm pretty tall and have always carried my weight in my middle, while my legs stayed slimmer, but now I actually have thighs and a butt to work with lol. But you're right, @celticwife, being able to wear a pair of non maternity jeans would be a major self esteem boost.
  • I never realized what pregnancy and PP would do to my wardrobe thats forsure

    Seriously. I have older clothes that fit, but they don't fit. Like I can get em on but they just look funky. I think I'll just take some cash from my first payday back at work and hit the outlets.
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