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I don't post often as I do not have consistent access to the bump but as a brief history, I have a DD who is almost 3 was born in 2010 after a year of trying and our first round of femara. fast forward to now, we have been trying for #2 for about 20months with one chemical and one MMC at 6 w 1d and have tried femara for several cycles. DX is unexplained.

Last cycle we did femara and trigger base on +opk and this cycle we moved on to femara on days 5-9, bravelle days 9-12 and I had my U/S today. This showed my lining at a 6.67 on follie on the right at a 15mm and one on the left at a 13 and 8 smaller ones that measured at 10 or under. They don't want me to trigger until tomorrow night. Does this sound promising to anyone?

I am trying to stay positive but am becoming more and more frustrated and depressed as we go through cycle after cycle. Really just looking for hope and encouragement. I am quickly approaching what would have been our due date and I think that is weighing on me as well.. Thanks ladies!

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  • Sorry I haven't gotten to my IUI cycle yet, so I don't have experience to share. Just wanted to say good luck, try to stay positive. I'm not sure about the sizes, but 2 eggs sounds good to me! 

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  • Well I think you have a definite one mature follie and I think there is a good chance that your second will catch up and you will have 2.  It only takes one.  Trust me I know how you feel:( Are you doing IUI or TI this cycle? If IUI you can request an US the day of to see how many look like they will release after the trigger shot because that helps them grow
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