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brachial plexus plasy?

 During birth my son got stuck coming out and his arm was twisted behind his order to get him out (it was too late for a C-section and he was starting to turn blue) the doc had to break his right arm and dislocate his right shoulder....when they put the right arm back in place it cased a severe brachial plexus injury on the left side which now causes his left arm to be flaccid he has no movement in it ..I've done a lot of research but I was wondering what other people have experienced or heard about it...particularly prognosis, rehabilitation, therapy, and surgery.

Re: brachial plexus plasy?

  • I work as a peds therapist and have had a few kids with Erb's palsy before. Prognosis for 2 of the 3 kids was great. 1 had 2 surgeries to repair a nasty tear and now just has slightly limited mobility in her shoulder-you wouldn't really know unless you were watching her do something that required both arms to be up over her head, but she is strong and independent. I had one little boy who just did therapy to help the damage and now plays on a baseball league as the first base man  (his case was more mild then what you described) and then one little guy received little therapy early on and now as a 7th grader still has some pretty limited mobility. LIke anything else it is always case dependent. I am a firm believer in early intervention and early OT services would probably be really helpful especially since LO is so young. There is a ton of research on therapy for helping with flaccid limbs (thanks to stroke rehab). I strongly recommend you talk to your Dr. about getting some early intervention services started asap. 
    I don't know how old your LO is, but weight bearing exercises for the flaccid arm are always a great way for the brain to begin to re-wire itself to recognize the limb again 
  • We've been doing ROM since we were still in the hospital and had a OT show us stretches to do with his arm (he'll be going to therapy 2x a week) we're going to Shriner's hospital on the see what they want to poor baby has absolutely no use of his arm below the shoulder...and it's scary I've done a bunch of research but haven't found a whole lot of people with actual experiences with it.

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