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NHR Related Name Stealing Question

Ok here is the deal I am due 11/30 with b/g twins and my husbands cousins is due 11/9 and they are team green. The problem is we have decided to keep our names to ourselves as we are naming our daughter Elizabeth after my DH grandma (who passed away this afternoon) and my grandma. We picked this name a few years ago to bring a little of both families into our daughters name. We went to say our goodbyes to DH grandma on Friday and DH cousin pulled him aside and said if they have a girl they are naming her Elizabeth. 

My DH didn't tell him we already picked the name and I have no clue what to do besides cross my fingers and hope they have a boy? Even if our twins come first (which they will I am on BR and not expected to make it to much longer) I don't know if I could use the name. Anyone have any suggestions or had this problem before? 

Re: NHR Related Name Stealing Question

  • First sorry for your loss..

    Well if that's the name you guys like use it. When they find out just let them know you guys had that name set for your daughter and didn't mention it to anyone because you wanted to keep it a secret. It is what it is, they will get over it. There shouldn't be a family fraud over a name. They don't live in the same house with you so if they want to use the same name no biggie.
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