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Digestive problems....

Since my son was born (hes 2months now) it seems as though we've had problems with his digestive system...we were in the hospital for five days after he was born and he was on an IV and antibiotics which of course made his stools watery....then about a week after we'd been home he had blood in his stools so we went to the ER they gave him an entire bag of fluids in a couple hours plus had us give him four ounces of pedialite (which again gave him watery stools) ...they determined that it was due to anal fissures and switched him to Enfamil  nutramagen formula and had us giving him Colace 3x a day...and although he only had one BM a day they were peanut butter consistency....for about a month...then he went a day without having a bowel movement and when he did it was solid and dry. So I called the doctor....they advised juice in the formula...which I tried...then I tried karo in the formula which helped for a couple days...when I went into the doctor (for thrush) I asked and he advised to keep doing the karo but also to give him rice cereal in his bottle help keep him from spitting up because he'd been spitting up a lot lately as well but to give him a little extra karo....well his constipation got 10x worse than it had been. I ended up taking him to the ER one night because he was in so much pain...all they told me to do was to give him a suppository and if that didn't work by Monday to call the doctor.....well that didn't work...I even switched his formula to Gerber good start gentle (it has hydrolyzed proteins and is 1.5 in iron instead of 1.8...an iron intolerance made me and my cousin really sick when we were babies) which seemed to help....that first night (sat) then on Sunday and Monday both he had hard stools yet again...so I called the doctor and set up an appointment he advised me to give my son 1tsp of karo in every bottle and if that didn't help the next step was miralax...he hasn't went today and i'm scared that he's going to need to be put on miralax has anyone else's baby been on it this young?

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  • I think you're overloading him with way too many things and he's way too young. Try to find a formula tha sits right with him and stop all the other things.
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    Well I apologize for the long sentence but typing with a squirming child in your arms isn't always easy.

    Next, pedi wants to avoid giving him miralax because it's not suppose to be given to anyone under 6 months and my son is just two months.

    The things that I listed out were things that have been tried not that they've all been tried at once because they haven't. He is currently getting 1 teaspoon of karo in every 4oz bottle (per Pedi's instructions). And I have given everything plenty of time.

    -nutramagen (which is designed to help babies with constipation and milk allergies or intolerance) and Colace was tried for over a month. And worked well until about two weeks ago...when he started spitting and throwing up after every bottle, becoming constipated, and screaming through entire bottles at times...and then finally just flat out refusing to eat...

    -nutramagen and juice was tried for a week it didn't do anything except make him spit/throw up even more.

    -nutramagen and karo was tried for two days and worked well but LO was still spitting up...so the doc suggested a teaspoon of rice cereal in every bottle and he became constipated even more that before...so I increased the karo and it still didn't help.

    -went to ER because he was in so much pain 9ish at night...they told me to try a suppository and sent us home...tried the suppository and it worked but stool was still formed...so I called the doc the next day and they couldn't suggest anything over the phone...and they couldn't get him in that day.

    -I gave him an oz of pedialite (knowing that it will help his bowels move but only use it as a very last resort)

    -left to my own devices I started talking to my family; and me and my cousin had a hard time breaking down the iron in formulas and it would make us sick and constipated....so I decided to switch formula to Gerber good start gentle after extensive research (has the hydrolyzed proteins like nutramagen but has .3 less iron.) and it seemed to help although his stools were still formed he didn't seem to be in quite as much pain while passing them.

    -but I followed the hospital's discharge instructions and made a follow up appointment (because they were still formed) and was told to try what i'm trying now: Gerber good start with 1 teaspoon of karo in every bottle...which hasn't seemed to do a whole lot...but today I did give him just a little water and karo which did seem to help...so maybe a little water in between feedings is all he needs.

    I asked simply because every baby I know of that's been on it has been at least 6mo old...I have no idea how a 2mo would react to it or how well it would work. Next I wouldn't mind other suggestions if anyone has any...so I can research and then take to Pedi  and see what he thinks...although usually he agrees with the choices I make for my son....

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  • Try Gerber Probiotic drops, similar to gas drops. (tons of reviews on Amazon) I just got them at Walgreens from another posts recommendation. It's helped my LO's digestion in just a few days.

    Good Luck!
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  • thank you! we're trying to avoid miralax because although it's gentle for adults its still pretty harsh for LO's especially if something else will work better or just as well...
  • Have you tried similac soy formula ?
  • Not yet...pedi wants him on hydrolyzed proteins and I haven't found any that are soy based
  • We did probiotics with dd1 but she was older. It worked great and our issues were resolved.
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