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My family feels that I should have a c-section because of my age and the fear this baby will be big like my first three. A c-section is the last thing I want to have, but they think it would be best to keep me from going through all the labor, etc. I had my first three natural and they were all weighing 9 lbs to 10 lbs at birth. I'm already fearful about having this one and to even think about a c-section scares me more.

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  • Don't listen to your family, talk to your doctor.
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  • I agree. Talk to your doctor. You can have a medicated vaginal delivery - there are other options.

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  • Um, your family would rather you undergo major surgery which carries all of its own risks than let you naturally give birth to a big baby? Sorry but I don't agree with that at all. And who are they to make this decision for you? This is your pregnancy and your body and the only people who should be involved in this decision are you and your doctor. I don't even understand the age connection, AMA women give birth all the time. You aren't more likely to have a horrible labor experience just because you are older. If you have concerns talk to your doctor but don't let your family scare you into blindly guessing what's best for you and your baby.
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  • Why does being older mean you can't have a vaginal birth? That's just silly. I had a c section and it sucked! I wish I could have given birth the normal way :(
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    I am really praying for a VBAC this go around because I had a tough c/s and recovery with the twins (baby B flipped transverse breech somewhere between 6 & 7 cm dilation and I did not want to risk brain injury).

     I had successful vaginal deliveries with my first two so my OB says it's a small possibility if this LO cooperates. My DH supports me in this.

    It was also tough recovery because of having to try and be a mother to my older two when DH had to go back to work and I had no outside help.

    Don't listen to your family. C/S is major abdominal surgery. We're not talking about having a hangnail removed.
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    I hope you know I am not trying to shame you into a vaginal if you don't want to go that route, by no means, or if medical necessity dictates that. I guess one thing that AMA does seem to affect, at least in my case, was surgical recovery. I have an IRL friend with a c/s that was bouncing around a week later but she was in her 20's and in ridiculous shape, lol.

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  • UGH! Are you serious?  Why do they think you can't deliver vaginally again? Just because of your age? That's nuts women have been having babies older than us for years vaginally!

    That being said I ended up with an emergency C-section because of fetal distress and bleeding.  I was 39 weeks 4 days and in the hospital for induction because I had gained 7lb fluid and development hypertension in a week.  Perfectly healthy normal right up until then. 
    The morning of after cervadil only I developed placenta previa and bleeding, bedrest immediately but my OB was still going to allow me to try as long as we had to fetal distress.  4 hours later we had fetal heart decal and an emergency c section. 

    I have a chance that this one could go either way and after discussing with my OB she's agreeable to whatever is safest for my baby. 



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