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~2IF Grad Check-in~

This check in is for grads of 2IF board. Please let me know if you want to be added.

Bumpee Due Date
Jeannaqueena 10/15
egsquared 10/15
Dahliaflower 10/23
HopingforBaby2 12/2
Lauren79 12/4
Kimberm01 12/27
mlamping 1/22
Huskermama 1/23
rcnavywife 3/22
HopingForMore 4/21
1. How many weeks?

2. Any updates? A/S? Etc?

3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition?

4. QTKY: Labor Day plans?

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Re: ~2IF Grad Check-in~

  • 1. How many weeks? 26

    2. Any updates? A/S? Etc? 1 hr glucose test was fine, BP is fine, baby doing well. I will have another ultrasound at 30 weeks to check him. I start bi-weekly OB visits now.

    3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition? Talking about baby, I told her that her job is to teach baby songs, etc. My job is to feed baby. Daddy job is to change diapers. Im also trying to work on independence. She is independent but she also wants me around and I know when  baby comes I wont be able to be around as much.

    4. QTKY: Labor Day plans? Nothing yet. cant believe it is this weekend.

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  • 1. How many weeks?  33 weeks!  Super pumped, I feel like the end could be around the corner; we might actually have this baby!  2 more weeks and I will stop stressing about these braxton hicks and preterm labor.

    2. Any updates? A/S? Etc?  OB apt tomorrow, I am interested what she will say about my glucose test numbers, for the most part they have been in line with the levels.  I am also obsessed about mine and LO's weight gain.  

    3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition?   We talk about Jesse and how we will all hold him.  We say that Jesse loves his big brother Owen.  We are still trying to come up with a "gift from Jesse to Owen for a the hospital"  any ideas???  

    4. QTKY: Labor Day plans?  potty training weekend just to see how he does, his play school starts that week after.  He has done amazing with the transition to the twin bed, so i feel its time to give him the opportunity to at least try.  I admit I am scared!

    BIG UPDATE on the house renovations!  Plumber was here ALL DAY and we might actually have a master bath before this LO arrives!  Possibly tile on the floor and walls by the end of next week!  I am so so so excited!  Plus nursery is SO SO SO close to being done, I need to finish framing a few things, paint his name letters and get DH to hang everything.   

    Oh and tomorrow night my mommy group is throwing us a "sprinkle"!  Keep rolling time, just till he gets here then SLOW back down!
    TTC#1: 14 months on our own (did HSG, b/w, SA);
    BFP on Cycle 14--TWINS! Identical twin boys stillborn at 19wks(1/9/10)
    3 break cycles; took clomid 50mg, BFP #2 Beta #1 35, Beta #2 338!!! Owen was born 2/11/11! 
    TTC#2: 4 cycles on clomid: BFNs
    BFP #3: Cycle #5 100mg clomid; beta #1 21; beta #2 6=CP 
    Cycle #6 break cycle TTC no meds=BFN
    Cycle #7: 150 clomid+ovidril+IUI=BFN (switched to RE)
    Cycle #8: follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #9 Forced break due to cyst
    Cycle #10 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle #11 follistem+ovidril+TI=BFN
    Cycle#12 Forced break due to cyst, went on BCP; did repeat HSG, Saline U/S
    Cycle #13 IVF: Follistim/Menapur ER 11-30 11 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized and 3dt on 12-3; BFN
    Cycle #14: IVF#2 lupron/follistim/menopur ER 1-22, 19 eggs, 14 fertilized, 5dt on 1-27, BFP!! beta 1: 63, beta 2: 119; EDD 10-15-13; 1 frozen embie
    Miracle Surprise BFP, EDD 10-1-15; saw HB great Betas, 11weeks lost baby MC at home
    Moved forward with FET transfered solo frostie on 6-4-15, beta 1: 315, beta 2: 738, u/s showed one baby on track EDD 2-21-16
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  • Hello, 

    I am 19 weeks. I had my anatomy scan and my baby girl did ok. They said she is almost 1 pound and measuring ahead a bit, but all fine. I do have a fetal sonogram next week and an OB appointment. I feel better, and passed my glucose test which I took early. I am a bit anemic, but all fine. 
    LO knows she is going to be a big sister. She knows that her sister;s name is Gabi and that she is in my tummy. She asked us daily if she is born today, which is sweet, so we will see how prepared she is. We got her a baby doll we call baby Gabi and talk to her about the baby. We read books on Big sisters and that is all for now. 
    Seeing inlaws for for FIL bday. That is all for this weekend. Staying local and low key. 

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  • 1. How many weeks? 33 weeks!

    2. Any updates? A/S? Etc?  Had a weekly appointment today.  Still about 1.5 cm dilated, so it seems to be holding steady.  Hoping for the same report next week and then maybe I'll be allowed to increase activity.  

    3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition?  We talk about 'her baby' and what she will do to help.  We bought one of those "I'm a Big Sister" books too that we read with her.  Other than that, nothing much.  I actually feel a little upset when all people want to talk to DD about is the baby.  I don't want her to think he's more important.  I want people to still be interested in 'her.' :(  

    4. QTKY: Labor Day plans?  DH has to travel, so my MIL is coming to stay with DD and I since I'm on bedrest.  She'll take DD to a birthday party on Saturday, but other than that, no big plans for while she's here.  Maybe she can help clean our house?  It sure needs it!! 
    TTC #1 since 6/08. Cycle #6 - BFP 12/22/08, EDD 9/3/09, DD 8/14/09 at 37w1d
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    TTC #2 since 6/11
    me=36 - low AMH, DH=38
    BFP #2 - 8/31/11, EDD 5/10/12, M/C 9/23/11
    BFP #3 - 3/4/12, EDD 11/14/12, CP 3/11/12
    BFP #4 - 5/9/12, EDD 1/19/13, CP 5/11/12
    BFP #5 - 8/22/12, EDD 5/5/13, CP 8/24/12
    IVF#1 - January 2013 - EPP/Antagonist - 7R, 3M, 2F, 3dt of 2 8-cell embies
    BFP #6 - 2/3/13, EDD 10/15/13, DS 9/18/13 at 36w1d
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  • 1. 22 weeks!

    2. No real update. I have appts next week with the MFM and my ob. I am so exhausted lately! Does the 2nd trimester not give you energy when you have twins!? Ugh! Also, not pregnancy related, but my "baby" started kindergarten this week. :'(

    3. I'm not doing much to prepare the boys. We talk about it...but not as much as we should. Their stepmom is also pregnant and its her first, so I think she involves them way more than I do in her pregnancy! I think once I feel comfortable doing the nursery and buying things then I will try to get them involved and excited.

    4. No plans! My in-laws will be in town, but not for the holiday. They are renovating a house down here to move into soon, so they are coming to check on the progress. But, I'm sure we will be spending plenty of time with them.
    TTC #3 (#1 for DH) since September 2011. DX: Unexplained infertility with possible cervical factor. May 2012 did clomid with IUI - BFN August 2012 IUI #2 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN September 2012 IUI #3 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN October 2012 IUI #4 w/ follistim/letrozole - BFN November/December 2012 IVF/ICSI #1 Retrieved 12 eggs, 8 fertilized. Transferred 1 beautiful embryo and 5 made it to freeze. Got my BFP! January 2013 u/s showed empty gestational sac. FET cycle April 2013.  Transferred 2 5 day embryos.  BFP!!!!!  2 heartbeats!!!!  EDD:  12/27/13
  • 1. 6weeks & doing well

    2. Had ultrasound on Monday & saw a bean with a heartbeat of 105bpm. Sent the ultrasound pic to Hubby's parents

    3. K knows & just had a sister 9 months ago so she remembers a lot from that. She said goodnight & blew kiss to my tummy tonight. She has also included baby in her prayers for a couple days now. She's 7... So cute! Q is 9 months, she understands nothing

    4. Going to take kids to amusement park Friday but no other plans

    5. Jeanna- I made a gift bag for K with a tutu, big sister hair clips, a new barbie, coloring book/crayons, etc. She loved it!! Maybe a tshirt and some toys?
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  • Hi girls!
    1. How many weeks?
    I'm 26 weeks and 3 days today!  going fast!

    2. Any updates? A/S? Etc?
    Passed my one hour Glucose tolerance test! yay!

    3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition?
    DS is so excited for this baby!  We're staying team green but he has himself convinced its a girl!! all he talks about is having a little sister.  So i've being trying to prepare him that it might be a brother, but he's so convinced its a girl!  

    4. QTKY: Labor Day plans?
    We're going to a BBQ at a friends house this year.  

    DS born 9/2009 ~
    TTC baby #2 since January 2011 ~ BFP May 2011 -mc at 6 weeks ~ November 2012=CP ~ Jan 2012 started seeing RE dx: unexplained infertility ~Natural cycle 3/26/13-BFP on HPT!  3/28/13-beta#1 72  4/1/12-beta#2 440. 4/3/13-beta#3 970  EDD: 12/5/2013

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  • 1. How many weeks? 18.5

    2. Any updates? A/S? Etc? Just had a regular check-up today and LO is measuring right on track with a hb of 155. Now counting down until our next appointment on 9/19....we'll finally get to find out if we are  having a he or a she! :)

    3. How are your preparing LO for the new addition? DD has been very involved with this pregnancy fro the start and she is VERY excited to be a big sister. We plan on taking her to the A/S in 3 weeks and I also have some other fun big sister activities planned for her before the new baby arrives.

    4. QTKY: Labor Day plans?  Nothing really. Just hanging around the house, watching some college football and enjoying an extra day off of work!


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    5/07 - DD conceived naturally cycle #1

    8/09 - Started TTC #2
    11/10 - BFP!
    12/10 - MC (Chemical Pregnancy)
    2/11 - IUI #1 with clomid & trigger = BFN
    5/11- Switched to a Fertility Specialist, Dx with low progesterone and annovulatory, several rounds of
             clomid = BFN's
    4/12 - Exploratory Lap, Dx Stage III endo
    5/12 - 7/12 - Lupron injections to suppress AF and reduce scar tissue
    8/12 - Surgery to remove tissue, uterus and tubes clear!
    9/12-12/12 - More BFN's!
    1/13 - Referred to an RE
    2/13 - IUI #1 with injects and new RE = BFN
    3/13 - 4/13 - Break due to cysts
    5/13 - IUI #2 with injects (125ml bravelle + trigger) = BFP!!!
    EDD - 1/23/14


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