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s/o FAQs

Hi guys,

As you can see, I put all the FAQs together in one post so I can submit it to BumpJackie. She'll get it to the top of the board.

BUT I realized we forgot a list of acronyms specific to this board. So if you want to post your faves that I may have missed, add them here. So far I have

BM = birth mother

BF = birth father

DIA = domestic infant adoption

EM = expectant mother (mother before adoption takes place)

EF = expectant father

FP = foster parent

HS = home study

IA = international adoption

PAP = prospective adoptive parent



Re: s/o FAQs

  • I'be seen some people use things for biological children vs. adopted children in their signatures but I'm drawing a blank
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  • Great idea strawberryglobug. Here's a link to an old Adoptive Families article about positive adoption language.




  • Very helpful. Thank you. I was wondering about some of those abbreviations.
  • FTA - foster to adopt.  I haven't seen this one on the board, but it would certainly cut down on some typing!



  • How about NLRA  (No Legal Risk Adoption)?
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