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11 weeks preg and need an OB!

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I have a great dr who doesn't deliver anymore!  He said he'd see me through my first trimester but now I'm almost done and haven't found anyone I like!  I ideally would like to deliver at NYU or NY Presbeterian with a female gyno.  I have GHI.  Any recommendations???

Re: 11 weeks preg and need an OB!

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    Try Spring OB/GYN at 135 Spring Street - they offer docs & midwives that all are affilliated with NYU. 

    Have you called NYU's GYN/OB dept? I would ask them if their docs accept people at 11weeks.  I know that i JUST found my OB and it is a very very complicated process.  The doctor that I really wanted only accepts 1) confirmed pregnancy  2)you cannot be less than 6 or more than 9 weeks at the time of your first appointment and there was more...but those were the first 2 hurdles i had to jump before i could even get them to CHECK THE CALENDAR! #sigh. 

    I would start with their list of who takes someone at 11 weeks and then go find recs for those individuals and narrow them down.  Are u locked in to NYU?  I know a female GYN that would fit all your requirements except hospital.....
  • I have GHI also and I'm going to use Dr. Fuchs, a female, and Presbyterian.
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