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nervous - having brown discharge (oh and hello!)

Is that TMI? If it is, I'm sorry. :)

Hi ladies. I've been stalking this board for a while for encouragement during IVF.  I just got my 2nd beta today and it is 779 (it was 251 2 days ago) and was super excited.....UNTIL this afternoon when I started having some light brown discharge and mild cramping.  I've been feeling the last 3 days very similar symptoms to AF.  I just talked to the RE RN and she said it's normal but I wanted to get some more guidance/reassurance that things might still be ok?  My next bloodwork is not until 9/3 when I will also be having my first ultrasound. I have a serious case of IF anxiety ....  any input is appreciated.  I hope I get to stick around here long enough!

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Our little IVF miracle born 5/7/2014
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Re: nervous - having brown discharge (oh and hello!)

  • Are you on progesterone suppositories? They gave me some dark discharge. Btw welcome your betas are great!

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  • I think most of us has had some spotting at one point or another. As long as its brown and not red no worries. I had cramping for quite a while and it's now back at 14w.
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  • I had bright red spotting too. My nurse told me 50% of IVF patients spot. I have also had cramping on and off since my bfp and I am 9 weeks. 

    Try not to worry! 

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  • I had a week of mostly brown spotting starting on beta day (9dp6dt).  My beta always doubled and baby looked great at my first ultrasound at 7 weeks.  I was not on progesterone supps and they never really gave me a reason for the spotting just said that it could be normal.  It was heavier enough to wear a panty liner.  It's happened 3 more times when I wipe and has even been red but everything is going great so far at 14 weeks.

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  • R u on suppositores? That can be it. Brown means old blood. I had brown spotting for a while doc said that's fine. Good luck n take care.
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  • Cramping is normal during the 1st trimester.  I think it's the uterus preparing to grow.
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  • R u on suppositores? That can be it. Brown means old blood. I had brown spotting for a while doc said that's fine. Good luck n take care.

    no i'm on the PIO shots.

    thank you ladies so much for the stories - they make me feel soooo much better.  IF anxiety is terrible!

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    Our little IVF miracle born 5/7/2014
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