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cute prayers by DD

We were getting ready for bed tonight and Lily got to the "bless so-n-so" part. The first one she said was "bess debus" (bless Jesus). I thought it was super cute and figure Jesus was smiling at that one. Also, every time we finish the "Now I lay me down to sleep..." she insists on doing the diner prayer "God is great, God is good" one.

(Not trying to offend anyone with different beliefs, just an awwww moment for me)
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Re: cute prayers by DD

  • That is too stinkin' cute (and I would hope no one is offended by this type of post).

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  • You never know who you will offend with something and since I am new I just wanted to make sure!

    @crash: Lily loves it! She reminds me every meal and at bed time. Sometimes for naps too. And she also mimics DHs mom who crosses her arms while she prays.
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  • That's so sweet!
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