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humidifer that is not a total PITA to clean?

ugh we have sharper image humidifiers in our kids' rooms that I really liked b/c they are pretty quiet and have 2 large reservoirs and we tend to run humidifiers practically all winter...but they have become disgusting over the 2 yrs even though I periodically take the whole thing apart and attempt to clean it, which requires unscrewing parts and trying to get into a ton of teeny little angles and nooks that I can't get a sponge or a grout brush or anything into...
I am so grossed out by them at this point that I feel like I'd be shooting more grossness into the air than I would be helping them so I guess I"m in the market for new ones already but I really want them to be easy to clean out!!!!
thanks for recs...

Re: humidifer that is not a total PITA to clean?

  • I just use an inexpensive ultramist one from Walgreens, which stays pretty clean on its own, probably due more to the fact that we have a water softener. We had one for about five years and would probably still have it if DS hadn't sent it crashing to the floor. You can buy a humidifier cartridge (Protec is the brand I know of) that is supposed to keep the mineralization down.
  • We have the tear drop one from Crane. It's awesome and has no filter and doesn't leak.





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  • We started with Crane but I after trying 2 and both having strong plastic smells when we started them, we returned them and kept looking.  We now use the Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350 and it is so easy to disinfect - we love this one (great output and very low noise as well)! - Healthy, non-toxic product recommendations for children from a mom who has really used them!
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