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Anyone have any experience with DD/DS having C. Diff??  We are going on 3 weeks of diarrhea and terrible diaper rash, little sleep and an unhappy little girl.  She has never been on antibiotics so we are unsure why this has happened, which makes me concerned that it will be an ongoing issue for DD.  And our pedi said they don't treat unless there is a fever and/or blood in the stool, but this is getting to be too much for us and especially for DD.  Any advice or words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: C. Diff

  • DD did have C Diff.  But that was because of the antibiotics she was on.  But she only had it that one time.  Just try to keep with diaperless as much as possible so her bottom has plenty of time to breathe and heal.  I also used a ton of Boudreuxs butt paste.  Sorry your DD and you are dealing with this.  It sucks. 
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  • C diff is extremely contagious. What do you mean they won't treat it?? That is nuts! If she has a confirmed case, id get a second opinion. My son is battling it right now and his first round of antibiotics didn't work. I'm sorry you are dealing with this, it's awful. I hope she feels better quickly.

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  • All I know is, in the hospital I work at, patients with c. Diff are in isolation rooms, similar to people with MRSA. I hope LO feels better soon
    Yea, I'm a CNA on a medical floor and I can tell you that any patient with diarrhea is immediately placed into isolation until it's ruled out. If they have it, they stay on isolation until they have a negative stool test result 3 days in a row. A patient can only be tested every 3 days, so it takes awhile to get them out of isolation.

    It is completely ridiculous that her pediatrician will not treat it. All of our patients are, blood in the stool, fever, or not. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to let your pediatrician know that it needs to be handled. One 10 day round of Flagyl and she could have been over this a week and a half ago (hopefully, but even if it didn't, you could have had two rounds completed by now and it definitely should have gone away then...).

    It is really contagious, so make sure you're all washing your hands. Oh and hand sanitizer is NOT effective when it comes to cleaning your hands when you're handling c. Diff.
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  • I had c.diff after getting my gall bladder removed in the hospital and it was miserable. I second pp who mentioned getting a second opinion. I didn't tolerate flagyl well so I had to take vancomycin which helped tremendously. Also, I would start your LO on florastor (a probiotic, they make a kids version) it was recommended to me by a GI doctor and it is the best one for restoring gut flora from c.diff. Most pharmacies keep it behind the counter because people steal it. I hope your LO feels better soon. 
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  • Get a second opinion! I have never seem a case of CDiff not be treated. I'm a nurse and I've seen a lot of CDiff.....



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    I second a second opinion
  • Well I have given a love it to all the posts that say you should get meds for the c. Diff. I would want it to be cleared up ASAP. We took the one that starts with an F. It just made him feel so much better
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  • Thanks ladies!

    We only got a positive test result a week ago, but DD had the diarrhea for 2 weeks before that, but no fever, she was eating fine, staying hydrated, so we started her on probiotics and waited. 

    The diarrhea was not getting better so we had her stool tested and got the positive result for c.diff.  I did some reading up on it and was told by our pedi that most LO under 1 do have c. diff in their gut and will test positive without actually having it  (like 2ag said), so because she had no other symptoms that they usually will not give antibiotics.  This was on Friday. 

    I called again yesterday and pedi called back after hours and left a message saying that he doesn't think that the c. diff is causing her diarrhea, so now I'm like WTF???...you didn't say that on Friday and I've been freaking out!  I'm waiting to talk to him today.  I am going to talk to another pedi - I mean if most kids will test positive without being the actual cause of her symptom then I don't want to give her antibiotics, but I don't want to not treat it and she gets even more sick.  And if it's not c. diff what is the issue?....UGH, not liking being in this position at all.
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