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1 embryo transfer or 2?

We had our pre-mock appt with my RE today ( I start my stim injections this week after 11 days on Lupron) and the last decision we have to make is IF by chance we get more than one good looking embryo, do we want to transfer 1 or 2. Cough cough...risk having twins!! 

We have NO idea. No clue. Not even leaning towards one way or another, because up until this point, I was debbie downer and was convinced that this wouldn't even work with my low AMH and high FSH diagnosis. But according to RE, we need to think about it sooner than later. 

How many did you transfer or are planning on transferring if all goes well? 

Re: 1 embryo transfer or 2?

  • Hi. I did ivf in 2012 and decided to transfer 2 embryos. I too had a lower amh. The first amh test was .75 then testing again my amh went up to .98. I now have a healthy little 10 month old girl. We too had the panic about the possibility of twins but decided to take the chance. Good luck no matter what you decide. Wishing you lots of healthy baby vibes!
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  • That's a tough decision to make. I can't really say for sure what I'd do since I'm not in that situation but I think I'd risk the chance of twins and transfer two.

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  • It's really up to you and your partner and how you both feel about the risks. 

    We're looking at IVF if my upcoming IUI doesn't work, and if I had the chance I'd transfer 2 just because I'd want to have the best chance of at least one sticking, and twins would not be the end of the world for us- just the end of pregnancies since we're pretty set on 3. 

    Good luck! 

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  • For me personally (37, DOR, husband is 47) I would put back 2 without question. My RE will even put back 3 in my situation depending on quality/grade of the embryos.
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  • My RE just told us he would transfer one. My DH would do two in a heartbeat.  I would be ok with two as well. 


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