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Sleep Troubles

Hey ladies!
So, up until about a week ago, my baby was a pretty good sleeper. I would nurse him, he'd fall dead asleep and he'd be out until around 4 am. However, in the past week he has started waking up screaming a few minutes after I put him down, and he does this several times. I pick him up, shush/pat his back until he falls asleep and then lay him down. Again, he wakes up instantly screaming a few minutes later. He does this for 30 mins to an hour.
Do any of you have any idea what's going on with him? Any tips or tricks?
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Re: Sleep Troubles

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    could it be reflux? our pedi said babies start to show signs of reflux around this time. S does this sometimes and it's usually because she has to burp or spit up or something. If I keep her upright for 15 minutes or so after she eats, she might not wake up.
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    My guess is reflux too. Good luck!
    She is here! 5-29-13


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