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Hi there, I am curious since you replied to the post about you have any thoughts on how the kids who do kindergarten twice do from an academic and social standpoint? We are planning to send our (august bday)kids to private kindergarten at their daycare/preschool and then likely repeat k at public school though the extra year will give us an opportunity to decide without repeating at the same it going to be really boring for them in public k (the school follows a very similar curriculum to public school since lots of kids will go to first grade from there) and also is there any social weirdness about having done k already and then so the kids from their old class might be in first grade at the new school (is would be the case w a number of kids because most of us live ear each other)? It has recently got me concerned bc they are becoming close w kids they've been in school with since age three and how that might be really strange in two years...any thoughts or experiences?
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