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Can I brag about my DH?

The guy just surprises me sometimes... He is off this week for the Christmas Break and he had planned on painting the rest of the interior of our home. We bought 6 gallons of paint and everything. Then Sophia comes down with this fever and he is home taking care of her instead, without complaint, while I am at home. I cannot even tell you how wonderful he is with her.

Well, last night I confessed to him something that I thought he was going to kill me for. I confessed that the big green monster of a wall that I begged and pleaded for him to paint that exact shade of green and which he did months and months UGLY to me now. That I cannot stand it. I have been holding this in for months because, well, its a lot of work to paint our walls as high as they are. So, I admitted this to him yesterday evening and he just took it in stride. His sense of humor kicked in and he just laughed at me for being so indecisive and asked me what color I wanted him to paint it now. The man knows me so well. LOL. He did not even complain when he realized that he would have to primer and then paint it over just commented that the painting will take a little longer now.

I love my man. :) There is something to be said about a guy who accepts you the way you are - quirks and all!!!

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