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Middle name help for Selah

Second girl due anyway now. I love the name Selah (biblical, meaning "to pause and reflect")
Can't decide on a middle name though. I like Selah Grace but that's our older daughters middle name. Daddy likes Selah Rose.

Still not 100% on the entire name choice either but we have zero backup names. We like classic, sweet feminine names that aren't common at all. (Not in the top 1000 names)
Please no negativity. Just looking for supportive and constructive thoughts to help us make a decision.
Thank you!

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  • Thank you so much ladies! Love the suggestions! You've also helped me feel more confident in the name Selah!! I really appreciate all the positive responses!!
  • would it be strange to have both of our daughters with the same middle name, "grace?"
  • LOVE the name Selah! Grace is a beautiful name also, and I've heard of others using the same MN with each of their children. However, IMO I think each child should have their own unique MN as they are all special in their own way! :-) God Bless!
  • I love the name Selah.  We are having a boy, but if it had been a girl she would have been Selah Johanna
  • Veegrace said:
    would it be strange to have both of our daughters with the same middle name, "grace?"

    Yes, that would be weird. DDs' MNs are Piper and Jane; both are cute with Selah. You could stick with the virtue theme of Grace ad go Hope, Joy, Prudence, Temperance, Faith, Felicity, Constance, Comfort, Verity....
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  • I have never heard of this name! I don't mind it.
    Selah Jane?
    What are your mothers' names? Could you honor them with using one of their first or middle names?
  • Love Selah! I really like PPs suggestions of Selah Joy!
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  • We plan to go with Selah Grace for our first girl, but I understand not wanting to do the same middle name for both children. Glad to hear other people loving the name Selah though, as I have never actually met someone with the name. I like most of the PP suggestions. 
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