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Has anyone ever used their diapers and wipes?
Would you recommend them? I have previously tried Earth Best and a few others but they just aren't as absorbent as the "regular' ones to me. But if these are good I will give them a try.

Re: Honest Diapers

  • I use them. I love them. I try to CD as much as possible but most of the time I use these. I have no issues with their products. I use their dipes, wipes, shampoo, conditioner.  Some nights my ds wears them all night without issues. They fit him well (he's hefty). Do you use recycle bank? They offer a coupon code for 20% off new bundle. I can refer you as well :) Let me know!
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  • Here's the invitation link
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  • NoeKNoeK member
    Oh wow! Thank you so much.
    I would love to make the crossover to CD but DH is not on board and since he works from home he is the one changing LO the most, so I am willing to adjust. But for the sake of LO and the environment I cannot, in good conscience keep using "regular" diapers.
  • NoeKNoeK member
    Just signed up for the free trial. I think this may work out for us. Thanx!
  • jamujamu member
    We use them too. We've had no issues with Honest and my daughter wears them overnight as well. I wish I could cloth diaper but can't, but I feel like this is a good choice. I also love love love the booty cream!
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  • They're on zulily right now, too
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