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Friday Confessions

I work from home 2x a week and sort of love that Allison only wants me on those days.  It makes me feel good!  I don't like that she screams and cries while I'm on calls but you take the good with the bad right?

Also, I am really mad at DH because he is currently sitting downstairs with Allison on his lap watching TV when it is a beautiful morning and she keeps asking to go outside.  May have to go have a talk with him...

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Re: Friday Confessions

  • If I can get a baby sitter, I might actually have a date this weekend!  Kind of excited about that!

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  • I hate my DHs job. They take advantage of him way too much and he's too nice to say anything. I want to say something for him.
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  • My son has a cold.  And I was very happy to leave him with his father this morning.  I did provide pain reliever (he has a fever) and boogie wipes.  

    Daddy see what I deal with every time I have stay home with a sick child!
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  • My brother's wife is in labor right now, and I am SO distracted I am literally getting nothing done at at work!!!  I kind of feel bad about being so unproductive, but I can't help but be excited!  It's my first niece/nephew!!! 
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  • The "love it" button on here is making me lazy. Why type a response when you can just love on someone else's?
    I hadn't noticed that!!  Uh oh!!  I am going to have too much fun with that button! 
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