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How much would you charge a friend?

I have a friend that asked if I would watch her LO 4 hrs a day/ 5 day a week. She said she would pay me whatever I was comfortable with. We live in a low cost of living area but I have no clue what the going rate is for day cares and I wasn't looking for a job so really anything I charge would help me up for some spending cash. I don't want to charge her a much a a daycare because I'm not licensed and I'm just doing it because I'm comfortable watching her child and I want to help her out. So I'm clueless as to what would be a fair price, any thoughts?

Re: How much would you charge a friend?

  • Maybe $100-$125 a week, is she providing snacks, meals, drinks etc?

    I know when I was looking into 3days/week PT daycare for Kevin it was roughly $270/week on average.

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  • For 20 hrs/ wk I would charge about $100 since its a LC of living area.

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  • I would provide breakfast and a snack. He's 2 so its not going to really affect me at all food wise.
  • I would say $75.

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  • I was more in line with @jmccall79....$75 sounds about right.

    We pay $100 for PT care at a licensed in-home provider so if you are ok with it I would think anything over that is too much...

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  • Oh, and FWIW, I live an hour outside of a middle of the road COL area (not as high as Chicago, but not cheap either!)
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