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Hey guys I'm just wondering what wipes you are using on your LO's I'm just not finding anything that I'm trilled with for disposables. We cloth diaper and I'm going ot be making a bunch of cloth wipes for at home but hubby won't use them (he will use the cloth diapers though so I'm picking my battles) but I still need something for out and about and when grandma watches her. I must have chlorine free but other than that just as natural as possiable.



Oh and HI! Just jumped back on the boards after a long absence the TTC and pregnancy boards were just to overwhelming for me my LO is 6 weeks old.


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Re: Baby Wipes

  • i'll be CDing as well (LO due in a few weeks!), and i have charlie banana double-sided organic cotton wipes. i won't be keeping them wet. i'll carry around a small spray bottle that i got and will fill with distilled water and a couple drops of tea tree oil. there are conflicting opinions out there about TTO, but i feel it is on the safer side than not. when i need to wipe, i'll spray onto the wipe and use it. this decision was made after a gazillion hours of research. =P i'll see how well this works in about a month!
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