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Allow me to introduce myself BFP....MC mentioned

I am 26 and DH is 27.  We have been together for 5 years and married for 2 years.  We have been trying to conceive since 2011.  Prior to meeting my husband, I was on birth control pills (Which I firmly believe messed up my AF; which now comes every month; but not like clock work.  In 2012, I was DX with PCOS.  I was given metformin and clomid in March W/O success and April W/O success.  The stress and emotions felt like death so I stopped.  Upon returning to my OB in October of 2012 after my break.  I was told that my eggs are dying due to my lack of menstruation and ovulation. I was given the choice of birth control or clomid.  I choose clomid on the night of Thanksgiving I took a test and got my BFP.  With great sadness, I MC on 12.2.13. about life changing and devastating.  I had a really hard time dealing with it and completely shut down emotionally from having a baby.  I recently lost 35 pounds and I have now had a AF every month; prior to losing the weight I would go months W/O having an AF.  I am now back on the baby train and very excited about trying again.
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Re: Allow me to introduce myself BFP....MC mentioned

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    I'm very sorry for your loss. This board is a tight nit community because we were all active on the main board for 6 months or more. Here's the header in case you missed it:                               TTCAL6+ is a community for women who have been actively TTCAL for 6 months or more, as well as been an active part of the TTCAL board. If you also like snark and humor post an introduction and show your support to others.

    Intro there, give support & you will receive it.

    Edited to add this: OP, I'm not trying to be rude but had you lurked a little before posting an intro you would have seen wickedsugar's PSA about introing here. Here's the link:

    Although I shouldn't even have to put in in here since it is literally the 3rd post down.

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    Dec '12 HSG & ultrasound showed abnormalities & more endo. Laproscopic surgery in January '13 showed significant damage & scar tissue from Endo. IVF is our best shot to concieve our rainbow.

    June '13 Decided to go the adoption route!

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