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he just dumped me

I just got dumped yesterday by the baby's daddy and I'm beyond hurt. he told me he can't be in a relationship and only wants to focus on the baby. he doesn't think I should be hurt, which is ridiculous. I'm so sad it hurts me
that I'm not with him :/ I wish I wasn't so sad. idk what to do

Re: he just dumped me

  • U just focus on ur baby and the joy that he/she will bring. My SO and I are trying to work it out but I'm not 100% sure if it will work out just because of our history so i still consider myself a single mom. I know it's not easy and right now it feels like ur heart was pulled out of ur chest and spit on but as time goes on u will heal and things will get better try not to stress out ur carrying precious cargo :)
  • Sorry to hear about your heartache. :( but we're all here for you. There is a song from Nat King Cole that I used to listen to after me and BD broke up and it actually helped a little. It's called Smile, give it a listen, maybe it will help you too. Besides, this baby is going to give you a world of happiness.
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  • I'm so sorry to hear he just dumped you. Breakup s are always tough and even worse when pregnant! Just try to focus on your baby and the happiness and joy he/she will bring you
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  • i'm sorry. i hope things work out for you and your baby
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