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CPW: Rent or Own?

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Do you currently rent or own your place? Or live with someone rent-free?

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CPW: Rent or Own? 46 votes

21% 10 votes
63% 29 votes
Live with someone/family rent free.
8% 4 votes
Housing is paid for by someone else (gov't)
4% 2 votes
2% 1 vote

Re: CPW: Rent or Own?

  • I voted rent but we own our house...not sure why I choose rent
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  • We're renting but we are house hunting right now
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  • We rent, but we also get help in grants from H's school, and it's university housing, so we don't pay as much as we would otherwise.
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  • We own but I wish we would have kept renting for a few years.  We rushed into a townhouse and it is too small.  Hopefully we can be out in about two more years.
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  • We rent currently, but own a house where we used to live and are getting ready to buy in a few months when our new house is finished being built.
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