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Disney for a day/ cruising

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DH and I have compromised and agreed to do a Carnival cruise where we will be spending 1 day in Disney, the port time is 7-6, so I figure we'll be in Disney from about 9-4:30.  DS will be almost 2 and DD will have just turned 4.  I'm wondering if we should waste time with a character meal.  I'd like DD to meet the princesses, but we'll be there for such a short period of time it may not be worth it.  Plus, DD has met pretty realist Rapunzles, her favorite, at a few events, and she doesn't really seem all that impressed.  We're also getting a suite on the cruise, so we'll have extra room and a tub.  Any tips or suggestions.

Re: Disney for a day/ cruising

  • The character meal take about 1 hour to 1 and 15mins.  That is alot of time for a 1 day trip in my opinion.  I would get early and go straight to the interactive Bella attraction.  I have been told it is great.  Oh and get a fast pass for Little Merimaid. 

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