Late Term and Child Loss

anyone else??

Hi ladies, I lost our #3 3 wks and 5 days ago...I haven't posted on here, matter of fact no one even knows of our loss with the exception of my mom and my best friend. I feel pretty alone with this; DH has been supportive, but I hate to keep talking about it with him, men just don't feel the same, IMO.
I just had a few questions for you...
Do you think of your loss daily?
A little history of our #3, I was on the pill and breastfeeding our DS2 so I had no periods. I felt like #3 was really meant to be considering the circumstance of this pregnancy.. I was 13wks when I lost #3. We were not TTC, and wont TTC for another 2yrs give or take. This brings me to my second question...
Is anyone else afraid to have sex with DH in fear of getting pregnant again? I am on the pill, not that its (obviously 100%) but I am scared to have sex, I have a new fear of getting pregnant..I dont want to have another loss.

Re: anyone else??

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