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AW- awesome support

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I've been kind of disappointed with the level of support I've gotten thus far during my pregnancy. Everyone offers but mom one follows through.

But this weekend my parents came over and moved some furniture, took stuff to goodwill, folded my laundry, and even changed my sheets. Then they took me to dinner :)

Then one if my closest friends told me that instead of coming for my shower she could take time off work and come help after LO arrives and my mom goes back to work.

I'm feeling great right now about my support system. Maybe my belly just had to get bigger ;)

Re: AW- awesome support

  • awesome, good for you! 
    Its really hard doing everything alone. I feel the pain. Be careful and I suggest making back up plans because the people who promised me they'd be there at the hospital didnt show (one of them i talked to on the phone and she said she'd come but then went to sleep) and my mom promised me she'd stay with me two weeks, and come over every week to help with house work/laundry and she never did either of those. 
    its been a good learning experience though. 
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