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TTC and worried

Hi ladies! I have not been active on the bump for quite a while, but I'm hoping y'all can give me some advice :) A little background info: I am 25 and my husband is 28. We have 3 year old twins. We conceived them without any fertility help on cycle #3 after stopping BC. They are fraternal twins and I had a c section with them. I went off of BC last August because we were ok with getting pregnant again, but I guess you could say that we weren't "actively" trying. I wan't charting or anything like that. I also went off of zoloft around the same time that I stopped BC. I was on that since my twins were a little under 1 from ppd. (not sure that that matters at all) At the beginning of this summer, we decided to really actively start trying. I have been charting, but I am not temping because honestly I have 3 year old twins...there is no way I can remember to take my temp at the same time every day! lol June was a super stressful month for us for many reasons. I had my period like normal that month, but in July I spotted for an entire week before I was supposed to get my period and then I had a light period for another whole week after that. End of July/beginning of August was the first month that I used a store bought ovulation test kit. We had sex every single day while I was ovulating and for a few days after. I really had high hopes that I would get pregnant last month, but yesterday I started spotting and am pretty sure it's the beginning of my period :( Pregnancy tests came back neg. I'm feeling very sad and confused...I really thought that TTC baby 3 would be just as easy and fast as conceiving the twins. I am worried that something is wrong-like I'm not not really ovulating or something. My husband seems like think it's because I'm stressing myself out about it, but really how can I not?? I'm calling tomorrow to make an appointment to see my gyno and talk to her about all this, but any advice that you have is appreciated!! I know that we are very lucky and blessed to have our two kids, but I want another baby so badly! I know in my heart that our family is not complete yet! If any of you have gone through something similar after your first, second, ect child what did your doctor do? Did they have you go through testing? I'm just not sure what to expect and honestly a little nervous about it. Thanks for any advice!!

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  • Did you just start with the ovulation tests recently? Have you considered setting an alarm to temp and then going back to sleep? That's what I did for the first year of charting. You can just try using ovulation tests consistently for a couple months and see if that helps. Honestly it sounds like maybe you just didn't have the greatest timing (because you didn't know when you were ovulating). 

    Our DD was a surprise baby, so we figured we'd have no trouble conceiving again as well. Now I'm on cycle 18- DX with Unexplained 2IF. 

    As far as going to the Drs- yes I went through a lot of testing over 6 months with my regular OB that specializes in IF, and then I was referred to a RE for further testing and treatment. I have been charting, using ovulation tests and/or fertility monitor for 25 cycles now. If it was me personally, I'd want to know I've had several months of well timed intercourse before going through the whole process of IF testing. 

    Good luck to you :) 

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  • If you just started this summer (I'm guessing June - - 2-3 months ago?), you don't really have much to worry about yet. And even more so, it sounds like you've only had one good month of timing. What I've learned from ttc for so long is that even with everything timed perfectly, and pregnancy still doesn't happen, there's no cause for concern. If this continues to happen for a while, or if new symptoms emerge, then you might want to get checked out.  If you continue to use the OPKs and time everything right, you shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant. My RE and OB both told me that average couples will conceive naturally within a year. Seems like a long time, but most of us here have (either now or in the past) struggled with secondary infertility for at least one year. 

    If you suspect there's a problem, you should probably first go to your OB. If you continue to experience issues, your OB would probably refer you to an RE to test you. Like pp, testing could take some time. For me it was about 3 months to really get a good evaluation done. But to me, it sounds like you just need to give yourself a little more time. You're welcome to post here, of course (who am I to say otherwise :) ), but you may find more helpful information on the "Trying to Conceive" board. Most people there are in the beginning stages of their (often short) journeys. Whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get your positive outcome soon!

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