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Update on my kitty (as mentioned in the Wine and Cheese check-in)

For those of you that were asking about my kitty.  She's feeling much better.  I took her to the vet (first time I could get her into a crate in 6 years!) and given her poor attitude and disposition, he suggested I give her daily doses of this laxative/hairball prevention stuff, and see if that helped out.  He said any tests would require she have a sedative, but given that she's part feral he figured that would only make her meaner and less trusting in the long run.  Seriously, this is what she's like: 


So I've been risking my life to get that stuff into her, but it's been working!!!  She's actually been much more trusting lately, and happier.  Apparently she respects a firm hand?  I was scared of her before, so I never EVER tried to pick her up, pet her, etc, unless she came and sat with me first.  Yep, we are scared of her... did I mention she weighs less than 5 pounds?  

Anyway, she's feeling much better, and I have been breathing a sigh of relief because I really wasn't in a good place emotionally to deal with another pet health crisis.  Thanks for the well wishes everyone.  Sorry to make a new post, but I didn't want to hijack the Wine and Cheese post.

Hope everyone has a great week!  

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Re: Update on my kitty (as mentioned in the Wine and Cheese check-in)

  • Glad your kitty is feeling better...and I must admit that I find it hilarious that your cat is 5 pounds and you are scared of her!

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  • I'm so glad she's feeling better. I cracked up at that pic!
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  • I am so glad that she is doing better! Having sick pets is just awful. I totally get being scared of a 5 pound hell cat. I mean at least 4.5 of those pounds are probably claws and teeth. ;)
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