Oops! I may have lost it a little today

on a lady distributing samples at Costco.

We don't usually go during prime-weekend shopping hours, so J was so excited by all the samples.  He wanted to try everything!  I saw them handing out smoothie samples, which I knew he'd love and I pointed them out to him.  The lady said she needed his parent's permission, and I told her I was there and it was fine.

We moved on, and he got a little bit ahead of me (the store was packed, and he was between my husband and me).  He was trying to get the next sample, and the woman working the stand was older and told him once or twice she needed a parent's permission.  He didn't understand, and just as I got there, he reached up to take one.  She pulled the sample out of his hand and snapped at him.  I told her I was there and it was fine, and she practically spat out, "Well, I didn't know he belonged to you!"

I took him, steered him away, and blurted out, "Yeah, that's because you didn't ask!" over my shoulder.

My husband said I was responding to something that wasn't there, and that the woman was just stressed because J was reaching for something she's not allowed to handout without parental permission, but I swear it had everything to do with her not seeing a Lantina nearby and thinking she could speak anyway she wished to J.

Re: Oops! I may have lost it a little today

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  • I would have taken her comment the same way you did.
    Ditto this!  I would have done the same thing you did!
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  • I ditto Fred.

    As a mom of a kid with gobs of allergies (one life threatening) I appreciate her panic and hope people would be as cautious with my son. But as a mom of a kid a different race than me, I would have felt the same way.
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