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Average cost of daycare in Philly?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had an idea of the average cost of daycare in Philly, or if you could share costs for a current daycare or any research you've done. 
I've been looking around online, but I can't seem to find any actual numbers. I found an article stating that the average annual cost is about $11,000, but it was a bit dated. 
Thanks very much! 
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Re: Average cost of daycare in Philly?

  • You won't find actual figures online, but when I worked at a day care, the monthly price for a full-time infant was about $1300-1500. This was in the western suburbs of the city. You're going to pay more for a franchised facility, such as KinderCare and Goddard versus a home-based facility.
  • Thanks!
    I live in the Northeast and I found only a few local(ish) places that had prices on their site. They were in the range of $200-$300/week. 
    I'm okay with a home-based facility; is there anything you could recommend that I look for while daycare shopping?
    I've never had to use daycare services so I'm brand new to it all.

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  • I don't have any idea of any one in Northeast Philly but it wouldn't hurt for you to ask around. Here is a site I found in my searches: https://www.philadelphiachildcare.org. Also, check out some of the local churches. Some of them have child care facilities and they aren't as costly as franchised day cares.
  • Thanks so much! 
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  • Average daycare cost is around $50 a day.
  • Are you looking for care in center city?  We live in Old City and send DS to early learning center there- they only take kids a year and up, but I think their costs are realtively comparable.  We pay 950 for 3 days a week, its a great little place.  I think full time is 1200 a month. 

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  • Not Old City, I live the other way;)
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  • I live in Norristown, and my toddler son is $250 for a full week and $175 part time (he alternates with my work schedule).  
    Keep in mind, the infant rooms are always more expensive.  I *think* he was $270 a full week in the infant room, but I don't remember.  Daily rate is $55 a day.
  • Yep, $200 - $300 a week sounds about right to me from what I've experienced and heard.  It depends on where you are (even some of the suburbs can rival Center City!) and what kind of care you use.  I'm out in the Reading area and the churches were not much less expensive and I felt like for the drop in price there was a drop in service, so make sure you check out a few different styles (unless you're totally fixed on using a certain type of daycare, which is fine too :)  )
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