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Un-medicated child birth at Scottsdale Shea

I'm a first time mother due in February and I'd like to have an un-medicated child birth. Has anyone had an un-medicated child birth at Scottsdale Shea Hospital? If so, were you able to move around or restricted to the bed? What tools were you able to use (birthing ball, chair, bar, tub, etc.)? And what doctor did you use?

Re: Un-medicated child birth at Scottsdale Shea

  • My friend delivered we little boy there in April! She didn't have the best experience there and felt pushed to get an epidural, but she wouldn't say it was a bad experience. I think it's probably similar everywhere. Some docs and nurses are more natural friendly than others and you just need to be ready to be your best advocate.
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  • Think it depends on the doctor. My doctor delivers at Shea and she knows I do not want any medications and is fine with it. I just spoke to a doula who has done several births there unmedicated. 

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  • Thanks ladies. I made an appointment on Tuesday and my doctor is on board with an unmedicated birth.
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    Definately have that conversation with your doctor. I wanted to go med-free (I ended up needing a c-section) and I labored med free at Scottsdale Shea. I was able to walk the halls, sat/rocked on a birthing ball, and had access to the jetted tub, although I didn't use it. I never felt pressure to take an epi. I did tell them when I was admitted that I didn't want to be asked about pain meds and that I would ask them if I felt like I would need it.
    Eta: my ob is Dr.DeSanto at Camelback Women's Health. He is beyond words amazing.
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  • My OB delivers at Shea.  He has left it completely up to me as to whether or not I want an epidural.  The only thing he told me is that based upon his experience approx 90% of births there get them :)
  • @Laumb11‌ Where did you look to find a doula? DH and I really would love to have a home birth and I'm looking into doula's and CNM's now.
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