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Had to tell a date I was pregnant

I had a first date with a guy tonight and I really liked him. There came a point where I had to explain why I wasn't drinking so I just told him. I felt at that moment like it would be wrong not to. I wasn't sure how he took it. He asked me out again but he didn't try to kiss me goodnight. I guess I'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

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  • Yeah, I tried dating while I was still pregnant and sort of gave up after about the 6th month.  Some guys were "ok with it", some guys were a little too ok with it, and some guys asked me what my problem was.  My boyfriend is a guy I lost touch with about 5 years ago and he sought me out to ask me out since he didn't get to before we stopped talking.  I was entering my 9th month. Good luck and keep your head up.  You never know what will happen.  
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  • Yeah he stopped talking to me. I think I'll stop accepting dates unless it's someone really special.
  • My bf and i were in the process of getting back together when i found out. Hes been a better dad to ds then ds bio dad.
  • I've totally enjoyed not dating during pregnancy. I was really marriage minded before BFP and now I'm so focused on the "now" in my life it's great.

  • I've totally enjoyed not dating during pregnancy. I was really marriage minded before BFP and now I'm so focused on the "now" in my life it's great.

    I like this outlook! :D
  • I had a date while pregnant (I am 26 weeks now). He not only kissed me good-bye, but he was interested in soooo much more.I stopped the kiss and said I would see him later. He responded to one email and I haven't heard from him since (it's been about 2 months) and I figured it's because I wouldn't sleep with him. I'm sorry, but I have more than myself to think about now. I need someone that is interested in me AND my LO. Good luck!
  • I have been separated for a while, and my husband keeps telling me I should date. I am 30 weeks pregnant and high risk. I just laugh or let him think I am dating whatever floats his boat. I think I am going to focus on my three boys and my education. If someone comes along while I am doing all of that and they work with my life and they want to be a part of my life and my childrens, then heck yeah I will date them. I may even marry them. The way I see it though I was a devoted wife for 12 years, so devoted I gave up huge parts of myself to be that person. I want to be happy with me and my life from now on.
  • Wow! I'm so fascinated by all of your comments everyone! I figured it was only something for TV shows and movies to date while pregnant. I love that all of you have put yourselves out there if you've wanted to. Kinda funny most of you say some guys get WAY TOO involved/excited when they learn you're PG. I'd love to, but I feel like it would be too stressful for me. Dating while not PG is a nightmare enough for me.

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  • I've been friends with the guy I'm currently talking to for awhile. Once he found out I was pregnant he was hurt but we worked past it. I like the fact that he's excited about me having a baby(not OVERLY CREEPY excited) and he wants us to be together and wants me to meet his son. The PLAN is to eventually be together but we will see.

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  • I have been asked out a lot while pregnant.  Its shocking everytime to me.  I decline because I'm never sure what their true intentions are.  Are they weirdly attracted to pregnant women, and think this girl can't get pregnant again or are they genuinnly interested in getting to know me?  Don't they realize my life is going to drastically change once this baby comes? Do they want to just disappear after that or be involved?  Its easier for me just to hang out with friends and family and wait until after the baby to deal with men. 
  • I havent been asked out at all. And honestly wouldn't want to be. still getting over hurt from a seperation from my husband-and he keeps saying he still loves me! but actions and his OTHER WORDS show me otherwise. i dont think i am ready to date right now and have actually just settled myself with being with just my kids. i just dont feel like giving my heart away to anyone anymore :(
  • I dated while I was pregnant... well I went on 1 date. I have to say it was pretty awkward. And I recently stopped talking to him because he told me to stop talking about my son to him. Now I know he was just trying to get in my pants. :-/ It sucks that's how things are these days with boys. Gotta find a real man. He will show up in time. Just stay focused on your LO!

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  • I didn't go for a date with someone else when i was pregnant, coz I found that weird and awkward. but when LO was 7 weeks old I started to go for a date and we are in a relationship right now. He is so understanding and he has a 6 years old DD as well.
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  • I have two this makes three boys, ages 11, 3, and then newborn. I cannot imagine anyone brave enough to take on this group. :)
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