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Merino clothes for little monsters

I'm a big fan of merino and have used merino sleepsacks and clothing on my two monkeys since they were born.  Frigid winter conditions on the east coast have made me seek out woolen fabrics that are easy to warm and easy to care for, so when I stumbled upon this Kickstarter project I figured I would share it with everyone here and help this small company to reach their goal. 
My daughter is a hot body and suffered from a febrile convulsion when she was an infant, so I'm a huge believer in temperature regulation using natural methods.  Polyester makes her clammy and sweaty, merino seems to move that moisture off her body and keep her core temperature more stable.  In my opinion, merino is a much better alternative as a next-to-skin fabric than polyester and other man-made materials.  My son started snowboard lessons last season and his layers kept him toasty and warm.
I took advantage of their Facebook offer and pledged enough to grab a free pair of fingerless merino gloves.  Crossing fingers they'll reach their goal before it ends.....
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