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7. What is the homestudy process like?

Re: FAQ re-do Q7

  • It varies from place to place, but the basics are:


    Criminal background check/clearances to make sure you don't have any felonies, especially those involving children, on your record

    Providing paperwork showing you are financially stable and able to provide for a child

    Medical clearance from your doctor showing you are expected to live a normal lifespan

    Some sort of autobiography where you answer questions about your history, background, attitudes on adoption, discipline, child care, etc.

    References from friends, family, and/or co-workers on your suitability as a parent

    Personal interaction:

    You will meet with a social worker, sometimes only once and sometimes over the course of a few meetings, so go over a lot of questions from the autobiography. You may be asked to expand on areas where they feel more discussion is warranted, or that you and your SO don't agree on, or just to get to know you better. There will be a home visit where the social worker will do a walk-through of your home to ensure it is a safe, comfortable place for a child.

    At the end of the homestudy the social worker will write a report based on the visit and conversations, and indicating that you can move on in the next step of the process.

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  • You kind of have to let go of your notions of privacy during the home study...  we expected that and weren't (too) surprised.  :)  Everyone told us not to freak out and we did anyway.  I think that's a rite of passage.  Just know that you really don't have to be perfect people or have a perfect home to pass.  
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