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FAQ re-do Q4

4. How much does adoption cost?


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  • Fees can vary based on the type of adoption

    Foster/adoption fees are generally low, from $0 to a few hundred are the quotes I've seen

    Domestic infant adoption can be in the low $10K(ish) and go up from there, depending on the route taken. Agency adoptions tend to be on the higher end of fees due to advertising and overhead.

    The fees I've seen for international adoption seem to be around $40-50K, depending on the country, amount of travel, etc.

    One thing to keep in mind is that some agencies charge on a sliding scale based on income, some companies offer an adoption reimbursement program, and there is an adoption tax credit (currently non-refundable, but they're working on that)

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  • We've found three highly recommended agencies in our area with fees from $11-15K (domestic infant adoption).
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  • One thing I discovered is that when adopting (at least internationally), there are a ton of costs that aren't paid to the agency. It's important to understand this and ask the agency which costs they are including when they quote you a price. Our first adoption, we were quoted "$18,000 - $20,000 to adopt from Peru, including travel." We knew we would likely run on the high side of that figure, and maybe even a bit more, but we were shocked when our total process cost just around $40,000. Things not included in the original quoted price included background checks, immigration fees, the cost of getting all the documents we needed for out dossier and having them certified for international use, and the overnight shipping costs and other expediting fees we chose to pay to move things along quicker (Our first process took 2.5 years and our second almost 1.5 years. We got desperate enough to pay thousands in shipping throughout the process).
  • Also, by the second time we adopted, the agency changed the way they quoted their fees, and did include many of the above costs in their estimate, which is why it's important to ask which fees are not included, and how much they might run you throughout the process.
  • To follow off on CS, one thing that was important to us was how transparent an agency (or whomever you work with) is about fees. Our agency has the entire line-by-line breakdown on their website, and our social worker was very realistic about any other fees that might come up.
  • Total (minus finalization) will be $26,000. All money goes to agency into a birthmother pool so we are not tied to one specific BM. If she changes her mind then we do not lose the money, it just stays in the pool.  Payments are made when we reach certain steps so not a lump sum. 

    My husband is an attorney and may try to work out a deal with an adoption attorney to do a services trade instead of fees. Depends on who we go with.
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